Semi-auto Stretch Wrapping Machine/Pallet Wrapping Machine

Model: OR1000

Capacity: 2000kg

Max pallet size: 1200 x 1200mm

Turntable diameter: 1520mm

Turntable speed: 1-10RPM

Stretch film size: 500mm

Power supply: 240v, single phase

Full-electric Stacker

Model: CL1030J

Capacity: 1000kg

Lifting Height: 3000mm

Straddle Leg Full-electric Stacker

Model: CL1030JS

Capacity: 1000kg

Lifting Height: 3000mm

Electric Scissor Lift Table

Model: HIW4.0

Capacity: 2000kg

Table Height Range: 190mm – 1040mm

Table Size: 1300mm x 800mm

Full Electric Pallet Truck

Model: SL15

Capacity: 1500kg

Lifting Height Range: 85mm – 200mm

Adjustable Leg – Aluminium Hand Stacker/Winch Lifter

Model: BR181

Capacity: 181kg

Lifting Height (fork up): 3000mm

Lifting Height (fork down): 2500mm


Semi-electric Walkie Stacker

Semi-electric Walkie Stacker (SPN Series)

Capacity: 1500kg

Lifting Height options: 1600mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm and 3500mm


Customize Remote Walkie Stacker

We can add remote functions for our semi-electric walkie stacker and a full-electric walkie stacker. Pre-Order required.


How to load off the Straddle-Leg walkie stacker from pallet

Load off the straddle-Leg walkie stacker from the pallet.

Step 1: using timber to push the stacker forward a little bit

Step 2: using the forklift to lift the back of stacker, slowly lifting until the front wheels touch the ground

Step3: Take the pallet out


Counterbalance Full Electric Stacker E0730JZ

Counterbalance Full Electric Stacker

Model No.: E0730JZ

Max Capacity: 700 kg

Lifting to: 3000 mm


CL1016JD Customize Full Electric Walkie Stacker

Max Capacity: 1000kg

Max Lifting Height: 1600mm

Customize for lifting speed control


SL15L3 Full Electric Pallet Jack

Max Capacity: 1500kg

Power to lift

Power to move


E1245GL Counterbalanced Stacker

Max Capacity: 1200kg

Max Lifting Height: 4500mm

Full Electric Walkie Stacker


SL20GE 2T Full Electric Pallet Truck

Model No.: SL20GE

Max Capacity: 2000 kg

Fork Height: 85 – 200 mm


Semi Electric Stacker Remote Control

Max Capacity: 1500kg

Max Lifting Height: 2000mm

Semi Electric Walkie Stacker

Customise Remote Control


EGS1848A JIALIFT forklift

Model: EGS1848A
Max Capacity:  1.8T
Max Lift height:  4.8m
Till and Side shift functions
Small size and turning radius
Flexible in narrow working space
Very easy to control, short tail good back view

All Machinery Comply with WORKSAFE

JIALIFT comply with WorkSafe Victoria


CL1025GH-S JIALIFT Full Electric stacker

Model: CL1025GH-S
Capacity: 1000kg
Lift Height: 2500mm
Advantages: The steering wheel seat in the middle. Build-in charger, it’s more convenient. Turtle speed switch on the handle makes low-speed control more precise. Straddle leg design ideal for lifting enclosed pallet. Intelligent control and drive technology, flexible and safe operating. Adjustable fork width. Easy service and maintenance