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3T Manual Pallet Truck

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Pallet Trolley | Pallet Trolley Jack | Standard Pallet Truck

Frequency heavy lifting and carrying items from places to places is one good reason that you must have suitable material handling equipment for your day to day tasks. It is helping you with carrying heavy items, increase work productivity and save more time. This standard width of 685mm suitable for lift standard open pallet.

Model: AC685 Capacity: 3000kg  Fork Width: 685mm  Fork Length: 1150mm


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Pallet Trolley | Pallet Trolley Jack

Model: AC685-3T
Capacity: 3000kg
Fork Width: 685mm
Fork Length: 1150mm
Min-Max Fork Height: 75-190mm
Cylinder Type: AC Type
Steering Wheel: 180x50mm

AC Type Cylinder

AC type adopted the integrated casting process and the overall seal design, with the high-quality imported components for key parts, the pump cant leak even when the seal for pressure cylinder breaks. All the piston rods are chrome plated, which makes them good enough in heat resistance and hardness. Unlike the scattered parts, the pump valve core with the overall design is convenient for maintenance. With the overload protection on the valve, the pump cant lift when overloaded.


Warranty: 1 Year labour & parts warranty.


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