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Full Electric Stacker | Full-Electric Stacker | Full Electric Stacker CL1636GA

  • Imported CURTIS AC controller and MOSFETS drive have functions of the step-less speed regulating and reverse braking.
  • Perfect temperature protection and compensation functions ensure thermal protection and stable output.
  • The advanced vertical AC drive system. The motor can get more energy and greater braking torque to make it more powerful and better in acceleration.
  • The hydraulic power unit is with compact structure, small size, light weight, high efficiency, no leaks, reliable performance.
  • The whole series use H type steel, which is especially for forklifts, for mast. H type steel is with good plasticity.

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Full Electric Stacker | Full-Electric Stacker

Model: CL1636GA
Capacity: 1600 kg
Load Capacity on Max Height: 900 kg
Lift Height: 3600 mm
Turning radius: 1570 mm
Load Center Distance: 600 mm
Fork Length: 1150 mm
Fork Outside Width: 570/695 mm
Single Fork Width: 180 mm
Overall Fork Width: –
Min Fork Height: 86 mm
Support Leg Length: 875 mm
Support Leg Height: –
Single Support Leg Width: 124 mm
Support Leg Inside Width: –
Support Leg Outside Width: –
Overall Length (pedal unfolded): 2040 mm
Overall Width: 888 mm
Lowered Mast Height: 2291 mm
Extended Mast Height: 3697 mm
Lifting Motor: 2.5 kw
Driving Motor: AC 1.5 kw
Steering Motor: 0.2 kw
Battery Voltage: 24V/210Ah
Charger: Single Phase
Working Time of Fully Charged Batteries: 5 hours
Unit Weight: 1105 kg
With Power Steering: Yes


  • The floating stand-in drive system ensures the stability of the running vehicle. The vehicle does not tilt when turning around.
  • Power outage and brake function. When the handle is released or pressed to the bottom, the truck will be power outage and break immediately. When the truck is out of control or on the ramp, this feature is particularly useful. which makes the truck more secure and reliable.
  • Lifting limitation function. When the forks are raised to the maximum height, the system will automatically cut off the power supply for lifting, and smoothly stop.
  • Speed limitation switch for high level. When the mast lifts a short distance from the bottom, it will touch the switch automatically, changing the operation from transportation mode into stacking mode, lowering the travel speed automatically and improving the safety of the operation.


  • The whole series is equipped with Electric Power Steering System 9EPS) to make the control of handle easy and comfortable.
  • CURTIS AC controller provides the system with flexibility and precise speed control.
  • Pressurized cylinders are with fast speed, large output, low energy consumption, and prevent skidding when overloaded.
  • When the mast is back close to the bottom, it will increase the travel speed automatically and improve the working efficiency.


  • AC motors require a few components, and no regular replacement for wearing parts, almost no maintenance.
  • Selft-diagnostic function of the controller. The handheld unit can display error codes, after connected with the controller, to make troubleshooting rapid and accurate.
  • Side -pull feature for batteries is optional. It makes the replacement more quickly and easily, ensures the continuous operation, and greatly improves efficiency.

Please note: This model is used for open pallet, NOT for Australia standard pallet (CHEP).

Warranty: 1 Year labour & parts warranty.


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