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Forklift Slipper / Extension 0.9T

$299.00 (Price excludes GST & Freight)


Forklift slippers are designed and manufactured to temporarily extend existing fork tynes and shouldn’t be used as a permanent attachment. In accordance with AS2359.15 fork slippers used for general usage should be no longer than 167% of the supporting tyne’s length. If the slippers are longer than 167%, then the usage of those slippers shall be restricted to their specified application.

When using Fork Slipper Tyne Extensions, caution must be exercised to ensure that they are used only for load stabilizing purposes and that the load is uniform and fully supported by the appropriate fork tyne.

– Zinc plated finish.

– Supplied with heel lock pins.


SKU: CL-1783-ECY Categories: , Product ID: 9556


Model: CL1-1783-ECY

Length: 1873 mm

Min Tine Length: 1068 mm

Max Tine Size: 100 mm

Weight Per Pair: 31 kg

Horizontal Centre of Gravity: 838 mm

Weight at 600 mm Load Centre: 2000 kg

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