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HELI Reach Stacker CQDH14-850 Lift height 5500mm

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HELI Scissor Stacker

Model: CQDH14-850 (lifting height 5500mm)

  • 1.4T electric scissor stacker,
  • AC drive system, EPS,
  • Moon walk,
  • ZAPI controller
  • triplex mast
  • lifting height 5500mm
  • sideshifter
  • battery and charger included

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HELI Scissor Stacker

Model: CQDH14-850 (lifting high 5500mm)
Type: Reach (Tilt, Side shifter)
Mast type: Standard 3-stage
Load capacity: 1400kg
Load center: 500mm
Wheel base: 1478mm
Operating type: Wakie
Wheels Type: PU
Wheel quantity Driving wheel/Balance wheel/Bearing wheel: 1/0/4
Reach distance: 0 – 550mm
Standard lift height: 4500mm, 5500mm
Max.extend height: 5710mm, 6720mm
Mast lowered height: 2248mm, 2582mm
Lowered fork height: 55mm
Fork size(length/width/thickness):1070mm/100mm/40mm
Overall length: 2225mm
Overall width: 1430mm
Outside width between forks: 200-812
Distance shift fork side: 150mm
Tilt of fork(F/B): 4mm/3mm
Min Turning radius: 1566mm
Min Aisle width for pallets 800×1200: 2135mm
Min Aisle width for pallets 1000×1200: 2315mm
Min ground clearance: 30mm

Travel speed, laden/unladed: 3.5/4 km/h
Lift speed, laden/unladed: 130/150mm/s
Lowering speed, laden/unladed: 100/180mm/s
Gradeability, laden/unladed: 3/5
Electrical configuration
Drive moto/Lift motor/Steering motor: AC1.5/DC4.5/DC0.15 kw
Battery voltage: 24V
Battery capacity: 345 Ah
Brake: Electromagnetic/Regenerative
Controller: ZAPI
Battery weight: 298kg
Service weight with battery: 2296kg


Warranty: 2 Year labour & parts warranty.

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