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CL2014D Customise Product

Model: CL2014D
Capacity: 2000kg
Lift Height: 1400mm


  • The steering wheel seat in the middle. 
  • Build-in charger, it’s more convenient.
  • Turtle speed switch on the handle makes low-speed control more precise
  • Straddle leg design ideal for lifting enclosed pallet
  • Intelligent control and drive technology, flexible and safe operating
  • Adjustable fork width
  • Easy service and maintenance


Model: CL2014D
Capacity: 2000 kg
Load Capacity based on the load centre 
Lift Height: 1400 mm

Design for construction Project; Straddle Legs compatible for Australian Standard Pallets (CHEP)

More Details Please send inquiry to: SALES@JIALIFT.COM.AU

Warranty: 1 Year labour & parts warranty.


The color of the photo may vary from the actual product.

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