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1T Electric Scissor Lift Table

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Electric Scissor Lift Table | Jialift

These high-quality scissor lift tables are driven by an electric motor mounted under the table, which is controlled by a pendant hand controller on a curly cable. The table utilizes a safety bar around the perimeter to sense any foreign objects in which case it will stop the movement instantly. These tables are normally operated from the factory floor but can be installed in a pit (require eye bolt lifting lugs). 

  • The tried and trusted lift table with sturdy construction.
  • Multiple uses such as lifting and lowering materials, level compensation when fitting machines, installations in the conveyor system, etc.
  • Compact hydraulic design with all safety components complying with EN1570.
  • High-pressure cylinder with dual safety function.
  • Hard chrome plated piston rods.
  • Lift and lower by easily push buttons to reach the ergonomically correct working height.
  • With the emergency switch off and a 3m long control cable.

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Model: HIW2.0

Capacity: 1000kg

Min-Max Table Height: 190-1040mm

Table Size: 1300x800mm

Power: 0.75KW

Lifting to Max Height Time: 18s

Power Supply: 240V, Single Phase

Unit Weight: 220kg


Warranty: 1 Year labour & parts warranty.


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